Services and Credentials


  • For companies that need copy writers and editors, we have experience creating the following marketing materials: blogs, internal and external newsletters (via constant contact), web copy, email promotions, articles, and PowerPoint presentations.  We are versed in Facebook, WordPress, Constant Contact, and Pinterest.  We have strong research, writing, and editing skills and are able to work well independently and within a team.  We are creative, attentive to detail, and able to adhere to tight deadlines. 
  • For independent writers, graduate students, post-docs, and academics, having extensive experience teaching English composition and literature at the University level, we offer professional editing and proofreading services as well as a thorough developmental critique of the content of your manuscript, conference paper, proposal, resume, or dissertation, if required. We can also help with researching any project you may have.
  • For ESL (English Second Language) students or for international students who need professional English-language test preparation, Erin’s background in English Literature, Education, and ESL learning and teaching in the USA, Southern Africa, Italy, and Scotland allows Erin to offer in-depth, practical and thorough tutoring services for all ESL learners. Particularly, having ESL teaching experience at the college level and also having done private tutoring that focused on international ESL test preparation, Erin can offer affordable and supportive tutoring services either one-on-one or in a group. Erin has taught speaking/listening, reading, writing and academic presentation skills at Chatham University since 2010.  She also offers Google Hangout group speaking tutoring sessions for anyone wanting practice English. Learn from others while also receiving focused critiques and suggestions on improving English speaking skills in all areas.
  • For transcription services, we have experience working with new authors who feel more comfortable digitally recording their non-fiction material. Not only do we provide timely and professional transcription services but we can also offer content critiques on developing material.


  • Please see testimonials page for clients’ testimonials on our work.
  • Erin has taught English both internationally (Italy; Scotland; Namibia, Africa) and in the USA, at the high-school and University level, for both native and ESL speakers. While working on her degrees, Erin worked as a freelance writer for a variety of trade magazines. She is in the process of finding a publisher for her children’s book and has published poems and short stories.
  • While originally in the field of international banking, Eleni, a British national, came to the USA for higher education to pursue her passion for teaching.  She has taught English at the University level since 1995 and has edited Master’s projects, articles, essays, non-fiction books, novels, short stories, and poetry. Since 2008, Eleni has also worked as a freelance copywriter and editor, writing newsletters, promotions, web copy, and other marketing materials for companies in a variety of fields as well as helping individuals with their personal writing projects.

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